These comments are from the physical guest books at Ankur Kala's locations. We will be adding web comments shortly!

Merika Becher Italy
A good place for a good future

Megdalena Laux Munich
Thank you so much for having me. Will try to spread the world.

Kathy James U.K.
Great shop with lovely cards.

Louise Molloy Australia
Thank you for this wonderful shop with so many beautiful crafts. I will recommend it to all.

Radha Chkelola Czech Republic
I wish you good luck. You made good things.

Karen Dooley USA
Beautiful work, thank you.

Hedemann Lisa Germany
Very nice work.

Katja Schmit Germany
Very nice shop with many beautiful things.

Heiner Kohnen Germany
So inspiring, you gave us strength and peace.

Boune Jeane France
Thank you so much! Keep doing what you do.

Emanuel Joel MCC, Chennai
Amazing to see your work. God bless you all.

Cynthia Peacock Kolkata
Always a joy to see the women being transferred through love and dignity.

Leah Sebastian Kolkata
Happy to see women empowerment taking stop ahead. 14 Balho Elkjan Gotesberg Fantastic, Impressing.

Canna Blomqvish Sweden
You are an inspiration.

Lena Bengten Sweden
God bless you and your work.

Mara Vlasiv USA
Everything is beautiful, God bless.

Amalia Basen USA
The work do is inspirational.

Isabell Freyberg Germany
Beautiful work.

Lisa Kappukait Canada
Please keep up the good work.

Yashmi Mumbai
Love the simplicity of uncomplicatedness of the whole concept.

Camelia Jonas Germany
Beautiful place, good luck for the future.

Sawada Wogan Ireland
Excellent little Gem – Thank you.

Janice Baker USA
Wonderful! Great work – Lovely shop.

Paul & Suzm UK
Great stuff, great shop, great work.