Ankur Kala Hall

Ankur Kala Hall is located on the first floor of our 72B Park Street location, in Central Kolkata, India. We mainy use it for our own inhouse activities, but it can also be made available to others, particularly other NGOs , who may want to hold input sessions and other programmes, but have no space of their own.

Its is very easily accessable, being on Park Street, and all sorts of transport are available - autorikshaws, buses, trams, taxis.

The Hall measures a comfortable 26x10 feet, and is suitable for small groups of 15-25 participants.

As it is at our Women's Training Centre, we can also provide refreshments from our women's canteen business, and other assistance.

Use the Contact Form below, for any queries or to ask us for a booking.

Session in progress at the Ankur Kala Hall
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Ankur Kala is a registered charity, in Calcutta, India.